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    About Gabor

    The German brand Gabor sets a high standard in comfort and fit. Gabor understands that our feet are the foundation for our whole body. That is why Gabor shoes are comfortable, easy to wear and of high quality. Perfect for women who want to get through the day without stress. Their handbags are also of high quality and go perfectly with the shoes.


    With the „Comfort“ line of products, Gabor offers shoes in widths G (extra width) and H (comfortable extra width). This means that these shoes have extra volume in the toes, ball and instep areas and provide any foot with the room it needs.

    Gabor's "Softmove" models: total softness with every step. Soft foam under the insole gently cushions every step. The padding has extra reinforcement in the areas taking the most body weight.

    Due to the the "Hovercraft" models' new air cushioned sole, walking in trendy Gabor Shoes becomes even more convenient: A soft bedding of air chambers cushions each step perfectly. The most beautiful way of healthy movement.

    Little change, big impact: The insole of the 'Best Fitting model has been broadened so that the ball-area of the foot gains more step surface. The effect? Even more comfort.