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Gabor shoes – comfort reinvented

The German shoe trademark Gabor has been catering for the most diverse demand in ladies’ footwear for over six decades. Small or large? Narrow or broad? Whether you are looking for lace shoes, boots, pumps, sneakers or slippers, you’ll find that Gabor subtly incorporates comfort and style into every single shoe.  

Gabor through the ages

It was back in 1949 that Gabor took its first steps on the road to success. The family saga began when the brothers Berhard and Joachim Gabor opened their first shoe factory in Barmstedt, near Hamburg. Some three years later the popular loafer model California came onto the market. It was an instant hit and provided Gabor with access to the select circle of classic shoe makers. In 1955 the California was followed up by the Ago Ballerinas, and another decade later Gabor moved to its new headquarters in Rosenheim. To this day it is here that the samples for all collections are made. With the breath of fresh air brought to the company in the form of Achim Gabor – Joachim’s son – in 2005, the Gabor shoe label moved into overdrive, manufacturing ten million pairs of high-quality shoes every year.  

Shoes to fit everyone’s foot and taste 

With more than 400 models and 1,600 colour variations, Gabor caters for an extremely vast range of people. A scatterbrain of sixteen or a stately lady of sixty? Looking for classic lace ankle boots or do you prefer trendy sports shoes? Gabor has something for everyone – and at a competitive price. Right from the start, Gabor’s strength has always been its unbeatable value for money. A long-standing tradition, an ongoing process continuing to this very day. Take Gabor’s pumps for example: every colour imaginable for a mere EUR 89.

Walking on air with Gabor

Comfort is Gabor’s second inborn and in-house speciality. That is because most Gabor shoes are available in a range of widths. A brand new feature this season is the fact that the sneakers and high-heeled boots have a removable insole to easily accommodate support soles, one of the many innovative ideas regularly brought to fruition at this shoe fashion house. Gabor may well have been found more than 50 years ago but innovation still remains a must! Many Gabor shoes apply the Best Fitting concept for an ideal fit. A few millimetres are added at the ball of the foot while the width in the heel unit is retained. A number of models also feature the unique Hovercraft concept. When you step out in these stylish Gabor shoes with their new air-cushioned soles you are literally walking on air!

New comfort, for young and old alike

Gabor’s commitment to quality and comfort is unquestionable. Quite rightly so, given today’s demand, even among young people, for well-manufactured, comfortable shoes causing least stress to the body. There’s nothing dull and dreary about comfortable shoes. Comfort and style are most certainly not mutually exclusive, as a matter of fact they go hand in hand, as it were – Gabor’s shoes go to prove that, season after season after season. Not only will you find the best size to fit your feet in the Gabor collections, but also top quality shoes that look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look. Leopard print ballet pumps, sturdy ankle boots, trendy lace-ups and much more: Gabor models reflect all the latest trends. Are sneakers suddenly the latest must-haves? Then Gabor will be quick off the mark to tap into this demand. Every season, a professional collection team of trend watchers and stylists visits all the leading international fashion trade fairs, analyses the demand on the Belgian market and then converts the conclusions into practical ideas for the design team in Rosenheim.

Gabor online offer

Gabor has just the right shoes. For all ages, any style and occasion imaginable. Find out more about the wide range we have on offer for you and shop around in our webshop: ankle-length and ordinary sneakers, classic lace shoes, motorbike ankle boots, trendy loafers, high-heeled or flat shoes, sports shoes, trendy ankle boots, ballerinas, festive plateau pumps, comfortable calf boots galore and many more! Go and explore and find the shoes of your dreams!